Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Policy

As a service provider for the construction and offshore industry as well as national positions at the local and state levels, the long-term guarantee of our success is tightly connected to the success and satisfaction of our customers. The application of our clients’ wishes and requirements takes center stage for all our activities.

With our services, we support our clients with the precise and timely, secure and environmentally sound application of building specifications and provide help with decision-making. Energy saving and raising efficiency, not to mention the use of regenerative energy sources, are our effective contribution to environmental and resource protection.

Our goals are:

  • To avoid negative effects on people, environment, and quality beyond the legal specifications using the best technology available, insofar as this is economically justifiable.
  • To conserve the health of all staff members, promote a positive business and work environment, and to establish safe working conditions so that no accidents occur.
  • To achieve heightened environmental, safety, and quality awareness in all staff members. 

Our controls are:

  • A constant internal and external examination of the qualitative, ecological, and safety-related success of our management system.
  • The regular evaluation of the quality and environmental effects of our services and processes.
  • The involvement of all employees in this evaluation.

This requires the surveillance and assessment of the available operational data for the constant improvement of our environmental rating, our quality, and the protection of our employees.

All certified sites practice a zero-tolerance policy for the use of alcohol and other drugs.
Adherence to the law and commitments to our clients and society is an important part of our corporate policy.

We always consider the ecological effects when developing new products and procedures. With continuous innovation, we pledge to develop environmentally friendly and competitive services so that we may offer our clients prompt order processing and precise results.