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Founded in 1997, the Geo Engineering Service Group currently belongs to the leading engineering firms for sea- and engineering surveying in Germany. Our approximately 140 employees conduct all surveying services from our 10 office locations in Germany and Poland. Meanwhile, we conduct project-related operations in many more countries of Europe.

The experience and motivation of our employees, high quality demands, as well as precise surveying systems have lead to a high customer acceptance and satisfaction.

We also carry out engineering and hydrographic foundation surveying as part of longstanding framework contracts for respective decision makers.

Our main field of applications remains in Germany where we maintain longstanding customer relations based on trust. Our clients in Germany are public institutions, municipalities, StAUN (Official Environmental Agency), road construction-, shipping authority-, and water management offices, navigation authorities, public and private development companies, engineering firms, and private individuals.

The multitude of daily projects is characterized by small to medium-sized undertakings in which we apply our comprehensive expertise far beyond the core competency, collaborating with the planning committees, construction managers and supervisors.

Our clients’ trust in our performance is demonstrated by the awarding and successful directing of most difficult large-scale projects in the areas of engineering-, sea-, and land surveying.

An important entrepreneurial goal is to serve all projects, regardless of their sizes, with our regular- and with our new customers in the best possible manner and to contribute to the successful project realization by remaining flexible and dedicated.

The following pages will provide further information about our enterprise and our services.

Locations and sites

Standorte Stralsund-Greifswald-Deutschland Oranienburg Oranienburg-Deutschland Hamburg Hamburg-Deutschland Gunzenhausen Gunzenhausen-Deutschland Deutschland Neustadt Neustadt-Deutschland Stralsund-Greifswald Nuernberg-Deutschland Nuernberg Rostock-Deutschland Rostock Wilhelmshaven-Deutschland Wilhelmshaven Polen Gdynia-Polen Gdynia Krakau-Polen Krakau Bremerhaven-Deutschland Bremerhaven Stuttgart Stuttgart-Deutschland