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Hydrographic surveys - bathymetry

offshore / onshore

For readers, the hydrography can be briefly and simply described by surveys of the seabed (bathymetric surveys, geophysical survey). Therefore, the hydrography is part of the geomatics (geodesy and geo-technology). The survey includes the detection, the evaluation, the modeling, and the presentation of the floor’s morphology, consistency, and shape. The actual scope of tasks is multifaceted.

The survey often results in nautical charts or geo-referenced, digital 3-D models.

71% of the planet earth is covered with water. So far, science has produced better charts for the surface of Mars than for the floor underneath earth’s water surface. Hydrography’s essential scope of tasks lies in detecting the consistency of the shape of the seabed underneath water.

Hydrographic surveys in the areas of sea-, coast-, and inland areas, offshore wind parks, wreck- and anchor searches, deepening of port expansions, construction and supervision for dredging, coastal protection, river- and shipping canalization and re-naturation, survey for evidence-protection of bridge-, general artistic monuments, and nature conservation

  • for ensuring the safety of shipping traffic
  • for the coastguard’s planning
  • monitoring (sedimentation)
  • for engineering (pipelines, Offshore wind power, bridge construction)
  • for exploration purposes (oceanic resources, …)
  • for the (underwater-) archeology (wreck searches)
  • for research purposes (oceanography, polar research)